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    Creating Module Issue

      I have a project with a directory structure like com\company\rw\modules\FirstModule where I would like to create a .mxml file with the mx:Module tag inside it. If I right click on the project and say "New\MXML Component" I can create the file and even select "Module" from the Based On drop down list. I can do this and compile no problem. However if I try to add this file as a runnable application its never added and then I get the dreaded check error log for error on compile.

      So then I created a new .mxml file but as a MXML Application. It puts this file at the root of the application even when I tell it I want it created at com\company\rw\modules\FirstModule. In the root, the code compiles and its automatically added to the list of runnable apps.

      Is this a bug? Why cant I move the application file under another folder? so if I create a app with 20 modules, I have to put every file in the root? Any information anyone can provide would be great.