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    Deleted scenes causing trouble!

      Hello Everyone:
      I purchased Flash Pro 8 recently and still a rookie at using it. Could anyone help me with the following problem? I am creating a Flash doc for our robotics class. There are going to be approximately 10 scenes. The opening scene will be a menu where you can press a button to go to a specific subject which would be on a separate scene. For example, button 1 would go to scene 1, button 2 to scene 2, button 3 to scene 3, etc. Everything worked fine until I decided to delete a scene I decided not to use, then all my buttons quit working. Button 1 which should have gone to scene 1 now goes to scene 3 for example. The action script says that it should be navigating to scene 1 though. In fact, all my buttons navigate to different scenes than the ones they are told to go with the actionscript. Any help would be appreicated.
      Thank you.