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    Some basic questions...


      I'm a software developer, but am new to all things Macromedia (apart from basic Fireworks/Dreamweaver stuff). I am interested in developing an application for a web page, using Director (I think!). Basically, I want to imitate the same technology used at iSketch. I am not copying this game at all; I play it sometimes, and just realised I would need similar technology

      I don't really know the main difference between Flash and Director for making web applications...? Why did the developers of iSketch use Director, and not Flash? How does the iSketch handle it's back end? Java? Or 'Lingo'? Or what?

      Basically, my needs are:
      - Many users, each of which can interact with each other - probably just through text. Possibly drawing...
      - A way to create chat-rooms, like in iSketch.

      How does this sort of thing fit together?
      I know it's not that simple, and would require a good bit of research. I'm just looking for a starting point. What software, what languages, etc..

      I've never used Director, but shall be purchasing it soon.
      Any pointers, much appreciated!