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    Why do resized smaller projects become so blurry


      Why, when resizing a project smaller, do both the text and graphics end up smaller. I'm also scratching my head about why the text in the text captions doesn't scale down with the rest of the project. It ends up looking freakishly large in comparison, forcing a redo on the text size across the board. But more importantly, the whole project takes on a blur, which doesn't make sense since you are reducing the image -- logic says quality shouldn't drop on a down -- and the file actually ends up being larger than the original, despite its reduced pixel dimensions.

      So why the blur?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Yogambo

          Blurring occurs because of the inherent way Bitmap (or Raster) images are constructed. Essentially, these are nothing more than a collection of colored dots. The dots are referred to as PixEls. (a contraction of Picture Elements)

          If you shrink a bitmapped image, the computer has to recalculate what colors the dots are, because essentially some are being removed. The result of this is that the clarity begins to suffer.

          As for why the text in captions doesn't get scaled down, there are options that you can set to tell Captivate to leave those elements alone when resizing. Odds are, this option told Captivate to leave the Captions as is.

          Cheers... Rick