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    Clearing browser cache of pdfs

      I really hope this is possible, but I have yet to figure it out. We currently have code in our pages to disable browser caching of our web pages. However we have an issue with filled out pdfs being cached which allows sensitive data to be stored in the temporary internet files. I am not sure if cfcache is the answer? If anyone knows how i can manage to do this no caching of our pdfs.. i would really appreciate the help. Thanks!
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          Srinivas VK Level 1

          what is the primary requirement. if you are thinking of securing the page, then the user can able to save the PDF's by clicking on the Save button when then open up the PDF's File. then you cant get the security at this situation.
          just an idea..
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            Gnatflea Level 1
            The primary requirement is to ensure that the pdf isn't cached whatsoever or that it gets flushed from the cash. The pdfs are created using fdfmerge and placed into an i frame on our site. The issue is that we have customers that have multiple people on the same pc doing the same thing and we don't want them to be able to go into our temp files folder and seeing a pdf that was filled out by the last person and thus retrivieving ssns etc. I hope that makes sense?