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    Older File Problems...

      I have a program to run from a CD-ROM disk. To start it up I need to run an EXE file from the disk. This file appears to be an older Macromedia/Shockwave/Director Player Application/File version
      When I start it up it tells me it needs to install more .dll files in the system directory. It seems to install something if I click OK, but nothing happens after that.

      I run windows XP. IE7
      Shockwave 10 installed.
      Flashplayer Version 9,0,28,0 installed.

      What can I do to make it run.
      More "Read me" information from the CD-ROM disk below:


      The minimum requirements for this CD-ROM are the following:

      Windows 95 version B or later, Windows NT 4.0 or later.
      Pentium 100 MHz CPU, with 16 MB RAM or better (32 MB RAM recommended).
      Sound Blaster 16 compatible sound card with speakers/headphones or better.
      Color display of at least 256 colors (8 bit) capability or better (High Color
      or 16 bit recommended).


      If running the application gives an alert with the message:
      "Your computer needs certain files to be present in the system folder for this
      application to work properly." and the installer does not run, then follow the
      instructions below:

      For computers running Windows NT:

      In order for the application to function correctly your computer must have the
      two dynamic link library files "msvcrt.dll" and "msvfw32.dll" installed in the
      system directory. For Windows NT machines the system directory is typically
      located at "C:\WinNT\System32".

      These files are provided in the directory "MSVDLLSNT" on the CD-ROM. Appropriate
      privileges are required to copy these files into the Windows NT system directory,
      so you may need to consult the System Administrator of your computer.

      For computers running Windows 95 and 98:

      Run the program: "Win95&98MsvDllsinstaller.exe" located on the CD-ROM.


      To get the best performance from this CD-ROM we recommend the following:

      Make sure that no other unnecessary applications are running. Check the Windows
      taskbar to see the list of open applications. If other applications are open,
      select and quit each one in turn.

      It is recommended to set your display to "High Color (16 bit or 65536)" (or minimally
      "256 colors (8 bit)" depending on your computer's display capabilities).

      If your computer's display can handle High Color (16 bit), you can follow the
      procedure below to verify and, if needed, set it to High Color.

      1. From the Windows "Start" button, select "Settings" and then "Control Panel".
      This should open the "Control Panel" window.

      2. Double-click on the "Display" control panel. This should open the "Display
      Properties" window.

      3. Select the "Settings" tab on the "Display Properties" window.

      4. On the "Colors" drop-down menu, select the "High Color (16 bit)" item, if it
      is available. If it is not available, then your display doesn't support high
      color graphics. If this is the case, click the "Cancel" button on the "Display
      Properties" window, close the "Control Panel" window, and go to step 6.

      5. If "High Color (16 bit)" is available, click the "OK" button on the "Display
      Properties" window. Depending on your graphics system, you may have to restart
      your computer for this change to take effect, or be presented with the choice
      of whether or not to restart. Follow the instructions on your screen. When you
      are finished with this step, your computer's display should be configured for
      high Color.

      6. Restart this application after following the steps above, by ejecting and
      re-inserting the CD-ROM.