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      I'm trying to load an external sound using the loadSound function through an interval so that it plays one note on every pass. To improve on response time, I preload all the mp3s into the cache before starting the interval. There are a few problems that I noticed with this method:

      1) since I'm using a single sound object the loadSound automatically replaces the previous sound. Is there a way to let the previous sound play through while the new sound starts. This is possible with the attachSound().

      2) Upon loading I noticed a small poping noise right when the sound starts playing. This does not happen with attachSound.

      3) Even when I preload all the sounds, playback is still delayed. Sounds won't play at an interval faster than twice the frame rate (which is pretty damn slow) mainly because of problem number 1.

      I am trying to avoid using attach sound because I have large number of sound files that need to be accessible and need the swf to be as light as possible. Basically, I'd like to get the same results as attachSound, but with external files if possible. Please let me know if there is any work - arounds for these 3 problems. It would be a huge help. Thanks