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    Dynamically loaded images look colourless.


      I'm working on a page that needs dynamic jpg loading. My problem is that all the pictures loaded from a folder (that is on server) look a litle desaturated or colourless. Black looks like gray and red is nod as red as it's in original picture. I can't figure out the reason. Is flash lowering the quality of dynamically loaded jpgs?

      Im using forceSmoothing = true on MovieClip that loads images and loading is done by using instance of MovieClipLoader class. I have set JPEG quality to 100% in publish settings, didn't help. This problem is really driving me crazy. If you have some solution or idea why this desaturation is happening, please let me know.
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          I'm not sure why the desaturating is happening. I'd check to see if its local. (ie- try your .swf on other monitors/computers).

          A fix (of sorts) would be to use the colorMatrix class. I believe Kirupa.com has a good tutorial on how it all works. Sadly, I don't have the time to run and link it right now, but the colorMatrix (it might actually be called a variant of that) class takes a bitmap, and messes with it pixel by pixel. --IE you can up contrast, saturation, filter colors, etc.

          Really, that is a "solution", but colorMatrix is also taxing on flashplayer, so if you try to animate an image running that filter, its gonna bog you down (unless its small)