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    Creating Custom Chart - Exporting edited SWF/Chart to PDF/JPEG

      Hi all, I suppose this should be 2 posts but I just need to know how to approach this problem. I am knew to Flex 2, PHP, MySQL but am familiar with Java and know a little ActionScript and Flash. Everything I write in this post will be referring to an image you can find here: (it's the only image of consequence on the blog so you can't get confused):


      1. I would like to convert this image into a flex 2 chart or link it to a DataGrid or input system so that as the user enters values for each category the image will be dynamically updated. There are 11 categories and 3 values for each, all of which I intend to store a MySQL database.

      I have set it up so that I have a movie clip for each of the colored segments in the chart (green, yellow, orange - the blue one is there in case you are wondering what I mean by a segment). I figure I can find someway to make ActionScript show these at runtime based on the user's input. If someone has a better way of doing this I would appreciate that as well. If possible I would like to link the image/ chart directly to the database so that the user could just click on the image to input values.

      2. When they are done I would need some way to store the final image (as PDF, JPEG, whatever) with currently shown segments so that it can be printed or put into a presentation in some way.

      3. I need it to be a chart or to make particular segments recognizable as I need to link it to other information (text) from a form (which will also be stored on the database and linked to the chart by date and category).

      Any help would be appreciated (sorry if this was long)