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    flash on web

    jagguy99 Level 1
      I am not getting a flash file to work on this website when connecting to a mysql db.
      A flash file will work and I changed files in the flash file pointing to
      " http://jagguy.ej.am/flash/combo.php" etc which I can't test on my pc but I know the files exist. I do test using localhost to make sure it works.

      I can get other files to work and connect to mysql no problem .
      I publish an html file then upload the .html and .swf. What I get is the flash screen with no pictures or error messages.

      my www dir contains on the ejam webite which is the same for my localhost setup. all dir on ejam have have chmod 777

      --all relevant files

      flash/ --flash files are and relevant php files it access.
      images/-- images are whcih i referernce with ../images..