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    flash/php fails

    jagguy99 Level 1
      I am using flash/php and are getting errors on php (free web hosting site) which i don't get on my localhost.

      I don't get any error on my localhost but i get 3 error which I can't fix.

      flash part
      send_lv.sendAndLoad(" http://jagguy.ej.am/flash/snlCombo.php", nameVars, "GET");

      errors if I run the file on its own.

      Notice: Undefined index: alName in /home/jagguy/public_html/flash/snlCombo.php on line 6

      Nothing to display from photoAlbum :
      Display more photos
      Notice: Undefined variable: i in /home/jagguy/public_html/flash/snlCombo.php on line 42

      Notice: Undefined variable: file in /home/jagguy/public_html/flash/snlCombo.php on line 51

      php file snlCombo.php


      $sql4="select id from album where Name='$alName' ";
      $result4 = mysql_query("$sql4") or die("Invalid query: " . mysql_error());
      $nt2=mysql_fetch_array($result4) ;

      $sql = "SELECT * FROM image2 WHERE (del !='deleted' or del is null) and
      // is null ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT $offset, $itemsPerPage";

      // $sql = "SELECT * FROM image2 WHERE (del !='deleted' or del is null) and albumId='2'";

      $result = mysql_query($sql) or die("Invalid query: " . mysql_error());

      //echo mysql_num_rows($result);

      if (mysql_num_rows($result)==0)
      echo "

      Nothing to display from photoAlbum :".$alName;
      echo "
      <a href='viewPhoto.php'>Display more photos [/url] ";
      //$nt=mysql_fetch_array($result) ;





      //need to add last file on its own
      echo $files ;


      i have no idea how to fix this and using error(0) does nothing