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    Flash and Director

      In the spring, to solve some problems with Flash 8 playing in Director MX 2004, I upgraded to Director 10.1 and made some modifications to my embedded Flash components. This worked fine, and I was back in production.

      Recently, I upgraded to Flash player 9.0r16 and am using Shockewave 10.1.4r20. Now, when I bring up my Director .dcr in HTML, it wraps a Flash .swf authored in Flash 8, the .swf is missing buttons (the ones which are created by choosing F8>button). It is also missing pop-up movie-clip backgrounds (but I can still see the textBox.text and Component-buttons in these pop-ups). Whole pieces of my Flash work have gone missing.

      However, when I open the .swf file directly ( i.e. www.somesite.myswf.swf ) I see everything, nothing is missing.

      So my questions:
      Is the Director 10.1 .dcr Shockwave connection with Flash 8 .swf broken again?
      Is there a solution if it is?
      Does anybody have a clue?

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          Hi Richard,

          You probably need to add the Director update 10.1.1 This update is
          different from others as it requires you to individually install files
          into many different locations.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            PiratesMoon Level 1
            Thanks, Rob.

            I traced the version in the message window. I do have 10.1.1 which is the version I installed in the Spring (I remember putting all the pieces parts in various places).

            The missing Flash parts are new problems. The only differences in my system are Shockwave Director and Shockwave Flash updates. One other difference is I downloaded and installed the 90 day trial version of Visual Studio 2005 Pro (have not had any problems with that program at work).

            I'll try reinstalling 10.1.1, but if that doesn't work, I'll be stumped.

            The other thing I'm doing is testing a previous version of the project to see if it still works fine. It might be human error (wouldn't that be strange).

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              PiratesMoon Level 1
              Problem is solved by downloading:
              Download the Director MX 2004 10.1.1 developer update in English:

              extracting and running only the:

              Back to normal.