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    RoboHelp 6 - Build Index over Multiple Projects?

      I recently downloaded the trial version of RoboHelp 6 and I am wondering, is it possible to build an index for multiple projects?

      I am looking to use RoboHelp to develop our online training courses and was trying to determine the best way to implement how the Training Section will work.

      I am considering creating one project for each course - we currently have +50 in-house courses. Currently, our intranet handles the course search feature - we provide a list of links to each course and the intranet will search for a course based on the title. When the course appears, they can click on the link and open the training.

      Is it possible to set up something in RoboHelp that might simulate this? A page where the using can enter the name of the course, topic, etc, and then based on the data entered, it will filter through and select the matches?

      Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.