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    Erratic scrolling using Logitech mouse

    walterono Level 1

      Just wondering whether anyone else is experiencing erratic scrolling in grid view in LR when using a Logitech mouse (in my case the Performance MX) set to Smooth Scrolling and if there is any solution other than turning Smooth Scrolling off? (Win 7 64-bit)

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          I also have use Logitech mice, Anywhere MX and a M325, and in my experiences the Logitech mice SUCK at scrolling. No matter what LT mouse I use the wheel just doesn't scroll correctly. In Google Maps when scrolling in or out the map jumps in then out or out then in randomly. It's like it can't decide whether I am moving the wheel forward or backwards.

          In Photoshop it is even worse.


          So I have a second USB Microsoft mouse connected for fine scrolling.