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    Why is Adobe's Development of LR Slow?


      Why is Adobe's Development of LR Slow? This is a technical question, Adobe isn't designing a game which is infinitely more complex, yet in 2 years of game development time, you would have most of the major components put together. They are not doing anything ground breaking, this is just another iteration of the same product, to prove my point we are in 2015 and they are only now beginning to use the GPU for processing power, that is nearly half a decade (or more) behind where it should be and they have a bigger budget than most game studios.


      An interesting point, LR5 (i like this software immensly) came out after Aperture yet it looks almost identical, did this impact on future development plans for Adobe? did making last minute changes impact it's product life cycle?


      They should be looking at the gaming industry for inspiration instead since they constantly develop and code entire game engines from scratch in 2 years, the techniques used for harnessing the various components of a computer could benefit this editing software, and open up pathways for new innovative features.