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    FTP Passwords not retained.  Business Catalyst widget not functioning correctly

    SJD Photography Level 1

      I am using OS X 10.10.3, Dreamweaver 2014.1.1 Build 6982.


      I am unable to connect to my remote server through business catalyst.  it tells me that my credentials are incorrect and to check the settings.


      I check my credentials for the ftp server and it is not retaining the password.  I re-type the password and test connection.  No problems.


      I try to connect to remote site again to update pages and the same problem happens.  I go back to site settings and the ftp password is blank again.


      I have followed the steps described in the known issue page and it did nothing to help .


      the add on widget for business catalyst is not able to connect to the site either.


      I would really like to find a fix to this asap as I need to update my site via Dreamweaver.


      Note. I am able to connect to the web portal for my business catalyst site without issues, so it is not a problem with my account.


      Thanks in advance.