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    ive signed upto creative cloud pay monthly but ps wont open still




      I had photoshop CC 2014 as a trial. It run out so i decided to go for the Creative Cloud pay monthly for the photoshop and the light room (around £8 a month)

      I've signed up and money is being debited out of my account but i still can not go into photoshop as it says trial expired. i've deleted photoshop and downloaded it again via creativecloud but it still wont let me enter it.

      I've tried to look online what to do ect but i cant find anything.


      I'm confused, i was starting to think that the £8 a month was just for support and not the program which is what i dont want, i need the program. i thought maybe i woulod if been sent a key to enter it into the buy product section.

      Any help would be great, i need to get into photoshop asap!