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    Please answer this questions

    donvinoth Level 1

      Hi Spier and All


      Can you please answer me for below questions, It will help me for using Layers with different options


      1.    What are your thoughts about using layers within InDesign and other page layout applications to distinguish suppressed and unsuppressed content? Have you used layers in this way for other clients, and if so, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the approach?

      2.     What approaches/techniques other than using layers would you suggest for accommodating suppressed and unsuppressed content?

      3.     We are interested in the impact that applying suppression information to composition files at the end of a production schedule would have on files-to-printer delivery and other schedule dependencies. What is the level of effort and time commitment involved in assigning suppressed/unsuppressed content to different layers (or by another technique you have used)? How early would you need to have suppression lists in-hand in order to be able to keep the scheduled files-to-printer date?

      4.     If you have used layers or other techniques to suppress content, how would you characterize the risk of content not appearing correctly in the final products? Do you have to apply extra QA to ensure that final files for both deliverables are correct?


      And Thanks in Advance