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    Indesign CC 2014 very slow since last update




      I have a problem with Indesign CC 2014 :

      I can't do nothing on InDesign 2014 since i made the last update (CC libraries, adobe color themes, etc...).

      I can open Indesign, i can see the window which shows the differents ameliorations done to ID. When i close this window, it takes about 5 minutes before closing.

      After, when i try to click somewhere on the menu at the top, ID is very slow as well the mouse which make slow deplacements.

      ID doesn't close alone. I'm obliged to force the closing of ID.


      So i don't understand what happened with this update, the version before worked well.


      I hope that you will help me.




      (PS : for information, all the other software like Photoshop, Illustrator works very well with last update

      i'm working on Windows 7)