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    Marking new Topics as "New" with a different graphic

      I went through Skinny and dug up the "Marking TOC pages as 'new'" topic, so it sounds like a good thing to have for the particular project I'm working on.

      1. Changed one of the TOC in the project to start with an asterisk.

      2. Genned WebHelp.

      3. Went to the output folder and opened whthost.js.

      4. Found sHTML+="target=\""+sTarget+"\" "; and added

      if (getItemName(nIdx).charAt(0) == "*")
      sHTML+="href=\""+_textToHtml_nonbsp(getItemURL(nIdx))+"\" title=\""+sName+"\">
      <img alt=\""+sAltString+"\" src='YourImageName.gif' border=0 align=\"absmiddle\"> "+sName+"

      after it.

      5. Modified YourImageName.gif to an already-existing graphic in the project. (I didn't want to add a baggage file, and just wanted to see the final result to test it, so I picked one that the project already uses).

      6. Ran my project. This is where it gets caught in an endless loop. The status bar at the bottom of IE quickly alternates between messages of "Error on page" and "Opening file .../whtdhtml.htm..."

      Is there something that I've missed that I need to modify in whtdhtml.htm?

      This is happening on Internet Explorer 6.0.2.

      Any ideas on this one?