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    How to mask video of tiger appearing from the door (layer from behind to the top)

    Silverbell Level 1

      I  have a problem with masking. I want to create a tiger which appearing from the door of my room. So i have three layers. First -  animated video of a tiger, which was initially on green screen, but I placed it in after effect and deleted background by keying. Second layer - video of my room which shows how the door opens:) Third - copy of video of my room with mask around the slightly opened door. So what I have done. I masked the layer ( wall and door) of my room. Then animated tiger can appear from slightly opened door. Till now everything OK, but...As tiger appears his head and body moves to the side of masked door, so his head and then other parts gradually becomes invisible, instead to be seen. So his back still behind the door, forward legs and head already in front, but obscuring by door. So how to move my animated tiger (my below layer) to the top (room layer with mask). So I want to see tiger entering into the room, but masked door prevent it. Thank you!