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    ISAPI : Who handles xml

      I run multiple CF applications each in it's own IIS virtual web server. The applications provide and use (among other things) XML.
      Some subdirectories of the web servers are configured to give requests for files with .xml extensions to CF. In this case the .xml
      file is a CF script which generates XML. In other cases flat .xml files are stored in other directories and those directories are
      configured to let IIS serve the .xml file.
      Under CFMX6.1 and IIS5 I accomplished this by editing the web.xml adding the appropriate servlet-mapping elements; then in IIS5 addi
      ng the .xml extension to the ISAPI extension mapping for the appropriate directories.

      In CF7, when I try this method the wildcard mapping ends up shunting all .xml requests to CF. If I remove the wildcard mapping Cold
      Fusion never gets any requests. Does this sound right?
      Product version: 7,0,2,
      OS: Windows 2003
      Web Server: Microsoft IIS 6
      Browser: N/A
      Database: SQL Server