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    Flash 8 - disappearing buttons?!

      I am currently developing a project in Flash 8... I have an animation I created in 3d Studio Max 7.0 which I rendered out in a sequence of PNGs, then imported into Flash 8 as a sequence. I did this to retain the alpha channel - my animation needs to have a transparent BG so that the custom BG in the project shows.

      I had no problem with the animation itself - I imported it into Flash as a sequence, then published it, and imported it into my project as a SWF. It is currently a MOVIE CLIP named ANIME.

      I made two buttons - PAUSE and PLAY, and first I tested them in the anime SWF to see if they would pause and play. They did so perfectly.

      I imported the SWF with the buttons into my project, and when I tested the project the buttons would not work. There wasn't no recognition of them whatsoever - there was no reaction when I rolled my cursor over them.

      I created a PAUSE and a PLAY button in a shared library.... I imported these buttons into my project. I put these on a top layer, with the anime on a lower level in the project, and an ACTIONS layer overall.

      The ACTIONS layer holds the "anime.stop();" script for the anime.

      The BUTTONS layer holds "on (release) {
      for the PAUSE button, and "on (release) {
      for the PLAY button. The scripts are on the buttons, respectively.

      When I test the movie, the buttons do not appear at all! The ACTION to stop the anime works, so its not playing at all, but the buttons do not appear.

      This does not happen when I use an AVI instead of a SWF for the animation..... however I need a transparent BG behind the animation, so I cannot render either an AVI or a MOV without incorporating a BG into the animation.

      Does ANYONE know how to fix the problem of the disappearing buttons PAUSE and PLAY?