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      Problem opening a browser window from CD production in Flash 8

      I am trying to produce a CD in Flash 8 that needs to open some html files. I have tried using 'externalInterface'which works fine on my local machine but not as a CD or on any other machine, but now understand that this does not work because of security restrictions.

      I have tried getURL as below (only works locally and on the internet not on a CD or other machine)

      diyplus_mc.onPress = function ()
      getURL ("javascript:var windowHdl = window.open('showcase/products_services/showcase_home.htm','newwin','toolbar=1,resizable= 1,fullscreen=1');");


      I have now found the function allowInsecureDomain() but I need to know if this will help if not is there a way to do it?

      If it will work how do I use it? Can you supply an example of code.

      I have tried everything I can think of. Can you help?