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    Problems with Pan and Zoom after video has been saved


      I have Adobe Premiere Elements 13 and I am running into a problem when I want to use pan and zoom.  I watched a video that said you needed to have the picture larger than the video frame so that you have room for panning and zooming.  The problem I am running into is after I create a video and play it back you can see all of the picture that sticks out past the video frame.  It doesn't show up when you are creating the movie.   Here is an example:

      problem with pan and zoom.JPG


      I do have a video overlaying this photo.  It is the pinkish color that you see here in this picture.  It doesn't show any of the picture that extends beyond the sides, just on the top and bottom.


      I have tried having a different sized video frame. I have tried saving it as several different formats and this happens every time.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!