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    Putting pictures on the web with fireworks.

      I have a simple question. When putting images on the web you need to upload them onto an uploader or a host like photobucket correct? I heard from a friend that you can copy the html and simply post on the web with a code. I was saying that this makes no sense because the image is not defined anywhere on the web. Anyways, this is making me angry because i need to add images onto a website that i dont have acces to an uploader and i dont feel like using photobucket and then changing html. if you know if you can create html code straight off of fireworks and photoshop PLEASE TELL ME!!!!
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          Perhaps you need to relax a bit and take a good night's sleep first. Forget this for a good night's sleep.

          Once you get a good night's sleep, perhaps that you want to buy yourself a pound of coffee from Starbucks Coffee, if there is a store in your town. It might be not making a sense to you at first. But it will make a lot of sense in a bit.

          The thing about your friend, he could be right about copying a html and post it on empty html documentation and save it as a html and then upload html file(s) and if you put in some images files around your web page, then you also need to upload all of referenced image files that you created in your html page. To make it work, you need a web authoring application such as Dreamweaver 8.

          So, the question, do you have a Dreamweaver installed on your machine? If you do not have one, you could test-drive Dreamweaver on your machine for free - 30 days to try it out and if you like it, then you can purchase full-license version of Dreamweaver either online off Adobe store or any retail computer store in your hometown.

          Please try to understand that you can't create HTML right off Fireworks or Photoshop, since Fireworks or Photoshop is an image editing application.

          Dreamweaver is a web authoring application. You can put image files into Dreamweaver seamless and an effortless way. Along with Dreamweaver, as any web authoring app, you need to have some fundamentals of understanding and having hands-on experience working with HTML (and CSS). The more your hands gotten dirty under the hood of HTML, the more hands-on experience gained, the more comfort zone you eventually be felt by working with Dreamweaver. Of course, it takes lot of time, effort and patience. Of course, that includes lot of practice, practice and practice.

          With that in mind, perhaps that you might that coffee be helpful for you. ;)

          As for Fireworks and Photoshop, you might wonder what's the difference between those two. Fireworks is pretty much ideal web image and graphic editing application, while Photoshop is pretty much high-end, high-quality professional image editing application with plenty of muscle powerful features -- which is ideally designed for high-end professional photographers.

          You might realize and may have heard that some of 'web gallery' feature included in Fireworks or Photoshop, don't let this fool you. It does horrible, bad html-generated code for you along with image files for you. Don't do it.

          You can edit images either in Fireworks or Photoshop, then open your Dreamweaver, you can import edited images or graphic files into Dreamweaver, rather than importing html-generated files straight from Fireworks or Photoshop.

          To edit either Fireworks/Photoshop's html generated files in Dreamweaver, it is impossible to edit html code, or just simply mess it up and then you could not view it or change the way you want it to be...

          It is better to create a web page in Dreamweaver, and then import edited image files on top of your web page around Dreamweaver.

          Uhm, hopefully that helps. If you need or require some further help or assistance, let us know.
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            I realize that I failed to mention one other thing... as for uploading your web pages and referenced image or other files, Dreamweaver have built-in upload capacity to upload your files. Once you publish your web pages, BAM your website is alive and up running.

            Of course, you need to have a web hosting account set up, and you will need to know the FTP (File Transfer Protocal) information, which is provided by your web hosting company. Once you have the information, along with your web hosting account and FTP information, follow the directions carefully as per information provided by your web hosting provider.

            If you have problem uploading files, let us know, ok?

            Hey, also, one other thing, it is *IMPORTANT* that you define your site description in Dreamweaver. Because you will need to have FTP information and all other essential information Dreamweaver Site dialogue box asks for. If you don't define correctly, then it presents some strange problem or uploading your files will not be working.
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              Zoobthis wrote:

              > I have a simple question. When putting images on the web you need to upload
              > them onto an uploader or a host like photobucket correct?

              You can upload them to your server with an FTP program like Cute FTP or
              my favorite, WS_FTP.

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