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    Export my effects to Firewords 8

    mark999 Level 1
      I have a large number of effects that I have created and saved in Mac Fireworks MX. I am in the process of upgrading to Fireworks 8.

      But, I cannot see how to export these, or find the files on my computer.

      To be clear, these are the effects that can be applied to a rectangle (for instance), and are accessed from the Properties Menu. They are all based on the stock effects like Glow, Shadow, Bevel and so on.

      There seems to be some connection to these effect that I have saved and named, and Styles. I have a styles palette that contains lots of premade styles, and has an export feature. But, I can see no way to export my effects/styles.

      So, my task is to move my effects from FW MX to FW 8.