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    saving to PC help!


      made the movie put in the scene markers and created the menus.. but when saving to PC they disappear ! If  I burn to DVD or save to web they are there.

      I have premiere elements 10.

      I would like to save to PC and retain the menus and scenes.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Menu Markers are only a function of discs (DVDs and BluRays).

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Not sure if you have tried this already as per what you wrote

            If  I burn to DVD or save to web they are there.

            Does the "save to web" = your Premiere Elements 10 Share/webDVD (which is essentially a flash file with menus in folder)


            So, just in case note involving the one exception to the menu for disc products only...


            If you are interested in a Premiere Elements 10 end product with menus and functioning menu markers that does not involve a DVD or Blu-ray disc, then  please explore Premiere Elements 10 Share/webDVD (described "Save webDVD for viewing online or on PC") and the "Save to folder on computer" option. I have used a web browser (such as FIrefox or Internet Explorer) to view the webDVD with menus.





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              kaylenemcnabb Level 1

              Thank you for all answers,,

              I thought that that would have to be the case, but wanted to check that I wasn't missing something.