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    Default Settings? and mouse problems on laptop

      i'm having a few problems with fireworks

      1) The text has a default setting at a high font and even when I change the font the text still remains huge.

      2) I realigned the margins for my text when doing one project. On the next project, it maintained the same alignments and I wasn't able to put it back to default.

      3) When I click the rectangle box, I am not able to select the other shapes. I literally have to play around with my laptop pad for several minutes before it gives me the dropdown menu.

      Is my fireworks buggy or are these natural problems? How do I reset to default or fix the text and alignments?

      Please let me know either on here or message me on AIM at: illectric chair

      If theres anyone that can help me 1on1 and would prefer a more direct communication other than AIM, please let me know. Thanks