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    OO Adverts? Is this really an Adobe Flash update?


      I got a notification that my Flash player needed to be upgraded today. I use Chrome, which is supposedly updated automatically. That opening screen telling me I needed to update Adobe was the ONLY place I saw anything that looked like it was related to Adobe. I hit download, noticed it was and exe file, but when I clicked the file and the permission box popped up, I noticed the Publisher was not Adobe, but OO Adverts <something>. I bailed out, but later, while trying to stream the Cricket World Cup, I was again told I needed to update my Adobe Flash player. Same thing... OO Advert. I continued to the Installation, until.... the page behind the Installer popped up as "My Free PC Tools" with a EULA that sounded like I was going to be charged money, although I couldn't really read it because of the Installer in the middle of the page. I bailed out again and came here. Is that a really a legitimate Adobe update? Thanks.