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      I have one button in my application "Help", and I have created one PopUpManager on the press event of the button.

      mapopup = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, Window, true,{title:"Help",closeButton:true,_width:w,_height:h,_x:200,_y:35,contentPath:cp});

      (The idea is, after clicking on the putton, the popup-manager should get poped up!)

      And now, I want to add a button (for email) on this popup-manager. I tried the following:
      helpEmailBt = Button(createClassObject(Button, "helpEmailBt", 7,{_x:406, _y:0.5, _width:77, _height:22,falseUpSkin:"helpEmailBt",falseDownSkin:"helpEmailBt",falseOverSkin:"helpEmail Bt"}));

      But the button is getting displayed on the original application, and not on the popup-manager.

      Can anyone help me?