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    mp3 pitch issuses

    >Vee< Level 1
      I have recorded some sound bites on a digital recorder in mp3 format. When played locally they sound fine but when I put them on a server then call them they sound off; pitch:high & speed: fast. I tried switching to one that i did not record and they sound correct. I am using a sound object to stream them into my swf. Below is the info on the sound bites that have the issues:
      kind: MPEG audio file
      size: 38 kb
      bit rate: 32 kbps
      sample rate: 32.000 kHz
      format: MPEG-1, Layer 3
      Channels: Mono
      ID3 Tag: v2.2
      Encoded with: Unknown
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          Level 7
          Not sure I follow--are you reporting that the sounds are fine when
          played locally in flash, but are not fine when played in flash from a
          server? I would have guessed the issue was related to the sample rate the
          sounds were recorded at since Flash re-samples sounds not recorded at 11, 22
          or 44 khz sample rates (see flash help)--but that would mean they should
          "fail" in the same way locally...
          -Tom Unger

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            >Vee< Level 1
            you were right... i rerecorded at 44 and the problems went away.... now it seems the file size has jumped... too bad i cant use those 32 sound clips... guess ill stick to the 44 for now
            when i said locally... i hadnt tried throwing it into flash yet but simply into my mp3 player app... which it sounded fine in

            thanks for your help