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    Cineware Not using enough Ram


      Hey all, I have 24gb of ram and after effects projects without Cineware use 20gb of that combined (aeselflink+cache etc) in general. 


      With Cineware, only 8gb or ram total is used with aeselflinks using on 133mb (vs. .4 gb) with Cineware itself only using 400mb. 


      Is there a way to up the ram usage or does Cineware/Cinema 4d lite bottleneck everything?  Is Cinema 4d lite crippled in ram usage?  I've experimented with allocating more ram /cores to other apps but doesn't seem to help the render time or the 12 gbs of ram left on the table doing nothing.

      Any insight on how to get it to utilize more ram or does the c4d plug in cap everything since it's free?