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    Time delay to take screen shot

      Hi all, i'm using the 'ScreenToFile' function to take a screen shot of the screen, but before I use this command, I use a displaySave() to display a place to save the image...

      All good but when the screen takes the photo, it still has the remnense of the 'save dialog box'.

      Any ways to get around this... Thanks!

      --edit - sorry - was meant to put this on the lingo page as more relevant - but so used to being on the 3D section.
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          duckets Level 1
          sounds like you'll need to allow a new frame update to elapse before snapshotting the screen. Can you do this by setting a variable to show that a screenshot should be taken next frame, then unsetting once the shot is taken?

          Alternatively, try adding an 'updateStage' command directly after the displaySave command finishes.

          - Ben
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            James Newton, ACP Level 3
            -- Take Shot --
            -- Parent script

            property pFilePath

            on new(me)
            pFilePath = xtra("fileio").new().displaySave("", "")
            case pFilePath of
            "", VOID:
            return #userCanceled
            end case

            (the actorList).append(me)
            end new

            on stepFrame(me)
            alert \
            "This is where you take your screen shot"&RETURN&\
            "and save it to "&RETURN&QUOTE&pFilePath&QUOTE

            (the actorList).deleteOne(me)
            end stepFrame

            -- In the Message window:
            script("Take Shot").new()