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    JohnGree Level 1
      Hi i have a output which you can view at

      look at the 2nd part no down 110035, next to it i have the model numbers for that part but it shows EXD 5 times with different numbers, what i want is to show like this EXD-150, 175, 180 EXH-175, 190 etc

      so the get grouped buy the range_ID

      i have tried putting a group in the output but then i get duplicates with the model numbers

      any ideas what i need to do
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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          in the query, order by the part number. in the cfoutput, group by the part number.
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            JohnGree Level 1
            ok thanks

            i have done that but i get the same result

            <table width="100%" border="0">
            <cfoutput query="Products" group="Cat_ID">
            <tr bgcolor="##B02300">
            <td colspan="6"><strong class="WhiteMainSTAND">#Products.Cat_Name#</strong></td>

            <tr bgcolor="##000000">
            <td><span class="MainMidWhite"><strong>Part No</strong></span></td>
            <td colspan="2"><span class="MainMidWhite"><strong>Discription</strong></span></td>
            <td><span class="MainMidWhite"><strong>Retail</strong></span></td>
            <td><div align="left" class="MainMidWhite"><strong>Trade</strong></div></td>
            <cfoutput group="Products_ID"><tr>
            <td class="MainBlack">#Part_No#</td>
            <td>#Products.Discription#</span> </td>

            <td class="SmallBlack"><cfoutput group="Part_No">#Range_Name#-#Model_Name#,</cfoutput></td>
            <td class="MainBlack">
            <cfif Products.Unit_Price is "">Sales Part<cfelse>#DollarFormat(Products.Unit_Price)#
            <cfset Trade34 = Products.Unit_Price / 100 * Dis.Discount>
            <cfset Trade = Products.Unit_Price - Trade34></cfif>
            <td class="MainBlack">
            <cfif Products.Unit_Price is "">Sales Part<cfelse>#DollarFormat(Trade)#</cfif>
            <td> </td>