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    Help with this ... using drag and drop

      Hi guys,

      I'm an intermediate user of Flash, but I'm stuck ... I'm trying to see if I can recreate this page in Flash for a friend (it's an awful site!):


      There are two ways I thought I could do this ... as they've done it, you cycle through the items, click on an item and it will appear in a hierarchy on the mannequin ... or as I've tried to attempt it, by dragging the item onto the mannequin.

      This is EXTREMELY rough as I just wanted to see if it could be done before designing it all, so it's stick men I'm afraid! I've got two movieclips on the stage, one is the console and one is the mannequin. The console contains items of clothing which are each movieclips placed in their own frame, back and forward buttons and an add button (ignore that button).

      I've managed to set it up so that the item of clothing duplicates and you can drag it onto the mannequin. I have two problems ... the mannequin goes back to normal when I go through the items in the console and the items in the console appear on top of each other as you flick through (probably because of the duplicatemovie command).

      I want to be able to drag each item, establish a hierarchy on the mannequin (e.g. so a jacket will go over a top) ... I've searched this forum for drag and drop info and have seen references to specifying a target, but I'm stuck. I've got a feeling I'm on the right lines, but I've either laid it out wrong on the stage or I'm missing a vital piece of actionscript ... Please can anyone advise??? Thanks

      Test Mannequin Flash File