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    3D studio max to Director Export .w3d animation problems

      (sorry, it double posted!)

      I am not understanding an animation issue and hope I can get help.
      This is about how linking in 3D max seems to sever an animation when I export to a .w3d file.

      For example:
      - I make a box (box 1)and animate it from point A to point B
      - I make a another box (box 2)on top of it, animating the rotation of it.
      - I want the "box 2" to link to "box 1" so it will retain it's rotation animation, however, it will "follow" the "box 1".
      Pretty much like a helicopter.

      This works find in 3D max, however, when I go to export it to a .w3d file, the animations do not work.
      OR, the "box 1" will move, but "box 2" will not animate, but it will still follow "box 1"

      This seems to happen when I use the "select and link" function in 3D max to create a hierarchy linkage for animations.

      So my question is this: why does linking "box 2" to "box 1" stop it's animation from working?
      How can I get a simple heirarchy linking robotic arm or the "box" example to export properly to Director MX???

      As well, the .w3d files says "keyframe animation detected on a resource that will be merged - this animation will be lost....

      I have no idea what going on...
      Any help would be very appreciated..thank you..