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    DataGrid Bug - Flex 2.0.1

      Well ... I "upgraded" to Flex 2.0.1 today, and it broke my application. I had it working fine prior to the update, but as of today - after applying the update - when I run my application the primary DataGrid now appears with *ALL* columns showing ... event the ones that are specifically set with "visible = false" in the MXML.

      When the application comes up, if I do anything to resize the application, or change any attribute, the DataGrid immediately refreshes properly. If I go back to a machine without Flex 2.0.1 the application works properly ... as it has for months. :-(

      The application is very simple . .. the DataGrid is statically defined in the MXML with 5 columns ... 4 of them with "visible = false" and then a dataProvider assigned to an ArrayCollection. When I run the application it now comes up with all 5 columns visible ... no matter what I try to do.

      Again ... this worked fine up until I updated today ... or downgraded? :-(
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          HumanCell Level 1
          As a follow-on ... I created a crude, hack, workaround for now!

          In the application CreationComplete event, if I simply toggle *any* column 'visible' property to true and then false the DataGrid is drawn properly.

          It's almost like someone broke something in the 2.0.1 update that the initial DataGrid rendering is not invalidated properly based on the MXML assigned properties. Once *any* visual change is done (e.g. my programmatic change, or the user resizing the browser) then the visible and non-visible columns of the DataGrid are drawn properly.
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            No solution, but can confirm a similar problem.

            For a set with invisible columns, setting a new data provider shows all columns. Setting visibility on one column fixes it. Seems like a bug.

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              joan_lafferty Adobe Employee
              This is a bug and it will be fixed in future builds of the framework.