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    I'm filing a lawsuit.


      How about you let me cancel my subscription before I contact my lawyer? I've already contacted the attorney general's office. You cannot legally hold people hostage by disallowing the cancellation of a subscription! i DEMAND that someone contact me with a cancellation of my subscription immediately.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          These are primarily user to user forums.  You are not addressing Adobe when you post here.  You should try contacting them directly thru chat or by telephone if you need assistance with cancelling your subscription.  In the meantime, an employee might come across your posting and try to help... there are a few who visit this forum with some regularity.


          For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat option...

          Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)
          http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/service-ccm.html ( http://adobe.ly/19llvMN )


          800-833-6687 (US daytime only 5AM-7PM PST, Monday-Friday)

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            cidaliad23629490 Level 1



            I appreciate the response but I have tried all of that. I have resorted to this and to Twitter as a final means. I can't make it any clearer to them in any other manner. Legally speaking, a company cannot hold you hostage and continue to charge you after you have made it very clear that you want to cancel and no longer want their service. They do not have to refund money but by law they have to meet the request. They tweeted me and told me to direct message them, however once i did that, they never answered me.


            The only company i've ever seen with customer service and assistance this bad, is Comcast, and everyone knows that Comcast is hitler and the devil's love child. The fact that they fail to acknowledge the cancellation request and fail to contact me on endless bases after request is wrong.