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    Flex 2 Equivalent of "loadMovie" into clip (states and components loading)?

    shotbyshawn Level 1
      I have a main app acting as the shell, with many states, each state has loaded components (eventually, they will be modules). If I have one component on the left, and a button in it, how do I get the button (in the left component) to load a particular component into the right (I use 2 canvases in VDividedboxes, each canvas houses a component)? Or for that matter, if my loaded component on the right has 2 or more states, if I want to load that component into say it's state named Expanded (state 2, not the main state), what would the call be in the button in my other component? It's like asking what is the equivalent of trying to load a clip from a button in one clip, when trying to load that clip into another clip, I suppose...