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    mobile login


      How come Adobe literally cripples the Lightroom mobile functionality by requiring logging in each and every time in BOTH places?

      Seriously, if I'm doing it wrong lemme know but I have to login every single time on my phone to sync photos then on my desktop Lightroom insists that I log in to sync.

      Really?  Somebody made the decision to deliberately make using the product a royal PITA nuisance?

      Creative Cloud doesn't require I login every single time I need to use it.

      Also - why on earth limit the product to just phones?  I use my tablet much more for this sort of thing since I can use USB OTG  to use a card reader from my "real" cameras.

      Sorry for teh rant but I just want to DO - not piddle with silly requirements that treat me like a criminal trying to break into Ft Knox.