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    grayed out in library

    B. Thos.

      pic i want to edit is grayed out in library-  already in catalog-  also grayed out in catalog finder- how do i get it to develop?

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          JoeKostoss Level 4

          What is catalog finder?  If it is grayed out in the Library, it usually means that you have moved the image file to another location outside of LR; now LR is telling you that the file is lost as it is not where it think it is.

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            B. Thos. Level 1

            Thank you for responding.  I appreciate it. I think I got it though.  When it said already in catalog I went to the open catalog option.  I was able to navigate to the folder but the images were grayed out there too.  The problem seems to be that I was accessing LR through Canon Image Browser.  You can select a picture and there is an edit with drop-down with all your editing applications. It works fine with PS and Gimp.  I just opened LR and went to the library and it worked just fine.  Some issue with accessing through the Canon app.

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              JoeKostoss Level 4

              Glad you resolved this.