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    After Effects CC 12.2 crash on launch


      Running trial version,

      It used to work a week straight, but a few days ago suddenly stopped  (no major changes to laptop, no new software installs).


      1. changing Adobe under AppData/Roaming to Read/Write

      2. Uninstalling, Reinstalling 3x

      3. Restarting Computer

      4. Installed Another CC program (Dw which worked fine)


      Computer specs are listed below....

      Any help would be great!





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          candy4me63 Level 1

          Nevermind. Fixed.


          Strangely, after downloading the Microsoft service pack 1, I installed the  (according to windows I already had it) so I installed the protection software it came with (which set off my pandavirus??) and then restarted.

          Whether it was that or the restarting, Im not sure....  (though Id attempted restarting before... so I dont know)