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    How can I install Adobe flash player on my Mac using Safari OR Chrome? I have gone through every step on all of the help pages. The installation process always stops with the black box that briefly says, "Retrieving Install . . . ", then nothing.


      I have followed every step in the various help pages I was directed to when troubleshooting the inability to install Adobe Flash Player on my Mac using either Safari or Chrome. Everything has failed. I always get the black box that says briefly, "Retrieving instal. . . " and then goes blank. When I close that window, I get the message, "Adobe Flash Player could not be installed." Then it gives some links to follow for troubleshooting. I have followed ALL of the links there and on other help pages, to no avail. I've run into problems installing Adobe before, but it's never been this bad. Would someone please develop another format besides Adobe? Trying to get help from Adobe feels a little like trying to find a building in New York City with no map or GPS. The time required is voluminous, the emotional energy a/k/a frustration is overwhelming, and long before I get anything resolved, I wish the earth would open up and swallow all things Adobe@. Absence that miraculous intervention, I have to figure out what to do next. Does anyone know? Anyone?