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    How do I change the location of my catalog

    Jim_Palik Level 1

      I cannot find any way to change the default location of my catalog.


      Can someone please tell me how to do this?


      I also need to know how to have a different location for my catalog backup.


      Thank you in advance,



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          MikeMcW Level 1

          Hi Jim

          You can move the Lightroom Folder that contains the preview folder (.Irdata) and the catalog (.Ircat) in finder or windows explorer to your new location then double click on the catalog file to open Lightroom. Next you open Lightroom it will open from that location.


          You can change the location of your backup when you close Lightroom by clicking on choose and browsing to a new location, preferably a different drive to your catalog.



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            Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

            First, close Lightroom.

            Then, using Windows Explorer or Finder, move the entire folder containing the catalog (.lrcat file) and the Previews folder to where you want it.

            Double-click the .lrcat file, and Lightroom will launch from the new location.


            To change the location for your backups, you can do this in the Backup Catalog dialog (you have to do a backup to get this dialog). Click Choose to choose a new location for the backups.