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    Setting resolution, deciding file type, for very LARGE Canvas prints. 36MP camera.


      Okay, so I noticed my lightroom was on 240 PPI resolution. I changed it to 300 because I read 300 was for standard prints. What would I need to set the export to in the resolution box for a very large Canvas?

      Is it better to choose Tiff instead of Jpeg for prints of this quality, if not then what should I choose?


      I am using a Sony A7R full frame 36.4MP and with some of the sharp Zeiss lens there is really no pixelation that noticeable when I zoom in 100 percent. Of course the A7R is being said to be one of the best Sensors on the market today. It's supposed to be like the Nikon D800E, but apparently it has some advantages.


      In other words, I want to export in as high of quality as possible for the Canvas. File size is not an issue.