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    Literoom 4.4 catalog problems it displays no images or collections


      When I attempted to add items to the collection, Literoom 4.4  crashed.


      When I restarted my computer and Lite room it did not display the catalog.  I used open catalog and found all of my images on the drive were in good shape.  But found no collection information.


      Lite room does not display the images, or collections when I ignore the above and attempt to use the software.  It had some kind of message about importing files which I never saw before.  I was reluctant to import from the c drive the location of the catalog information.


      I have a backup of the catalog through Norton.  That backup is about 500 K and the last backup done by Literoom placed on my C drive as it shows my activity in the above problem to be twice as large.  That backup should be current. 


      Tell me how I can get things corrected.


      I of course need to guard the backup that I have with my life p;nutting down the current information from my fidling around with the problem. .  Otherwise I am going to be doing a tremendous amount of work.


      I don't know my way around this forum too well, can you send me an email.  benlamfers@sbcglobal.net