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    Is it possible to retrieve missing files and folders from lightroom?


      Can anyone help me please? I was in the process of editing a folder took a break for dinner. I did the normal close the window ( it did not ask me to back up sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't ) and then shut off my computer. I turned it back on and opened Lr and my last 4 photo sessions are gone ! This is the 3rd time this has happened to me, if i wasn't almost 50 images into this edit id say nbd  but i've shown sneak peek previews of already edited images that she'll be expecting off her 7 yes 7 children 3 of which are premie identical triplet boys. They are a one in a million senario i dont want to be responsible for any disappointment to this lovely family! Please help me if you know how i cant imagine starting over on this one!