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    AE Error: Reading Past End of File


      I am currently working on finishing up a project and was using After Effects to create an vintage film burn type effect over some interview footage. I imported that AE sequence into Premiere and have been working with those for several days.


      However, as I was making my final few corrections today in Premiere, the AE sequence that I had imported was offline. I tried to relink it to no avail. I then attempted to open the AE file to see what the issue was. At which time, it presented the 'AE warning: Reading Past End of File' and then 'Unable to read project settings. Color settings reset to factory defaults.'


      This is obviously a huge issue which will put me far behind schedule if I can't figure out the issue causing this. I literally had been working in these project files not minutes before all this happened, so I don't have the slightest clue what could have caused this. Any help will be immensely appreciated! Let me know if you need my specs and I will be happy to provide them. Thanks!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have written a lot, but essentially said nothing. Nobody can tell you anything without proper system info or other technical details.We don't even know your program versions much less any other critical info like what footage sources, comp and project settings, color settings, effects used and so on.



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            theNateO Level 1

            I am using 21" 2.7 gHz Intel i5 with 8 gigs of Ram. AND 6770 graphics card and all of my Adobe programs are up to date CC 2014.


            I'm using dslr footage at 23.97 and 1080p. Not sure on the color settings, but I doubt I changed them from the default. Its in 8 bpc. I am not using any crazy effects by any means, just a few solid layers and minor color correction on some of the footage.


            What could cause this type of error? Thanks!