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    mail Flash/PHP  doesnt work...

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      Hi guys, im trying to make another mailer code using flash and php[, for a
      contact us page on a site im working on..
      The code i was using before used to work great, but now it doesnt work anymore
      and i have no idea why.. I am using it on a different server, but the server
      accepts php...

      anyway, i was soo frustrated that it doesnt work, i went ahead and made a new
      one... but this one doesnt work either... I need some help from you guys...

      I will kick my self sooo hard if it's something simple that im forgetting...

      heres the PHP code:


      $subject = 'Comments From WebSite';



      mail($toaddress,$subject,$message,"From: $name <$email>");

      echo "passed";